Term dates 2021-22

2021 Term 1 Wednesday 25th August 2021 - Thursday 14th October 2021

Staff Training Day - Friday 15th October (College closed to students)

Holiday - Saturday 16th October to Sunday 31st October

2021 Term 2 Monday 1st November 2021 - Friday 17th December 2021

Staff Training Day - Friday 3rd December (College closed to students)

Holiday - Saturday 18th December to Monday 3rd January

2022 Term 3 Wednesday 5th January 2022 - Thursday 17th February 2022

Staff Training Day - Tuesday 4th January (College closed to students)

Staff Training Day - Friday 18th February (College closed to students)

Holiday - Saturday 19th February to Sunday 27th February

2022 Term 4 Monday 28th February 2022 - Friday 8th April 2022

Staff Training Day - Friday 25th March (College closed to students)

Holiday - Saturday 9th April to Sunday 24th April

2022 Term 5 Monday 25th April 2022 - Friday 27th May 2022

Holiday - Saturday 28th May to Sunday 5th June

2022 Term 6 Monday 6th June 2022 - Friday 22nd July 2022

Holiday - Saturday 23rd July onwards

Training dates to be confirmed

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Our official application deadline for 2021 starters is the end of April. #investinyourfuture https://t.co/mSaEaU1XTV
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At D6A super curricular is 1 element of our enrichment offer. Super curricular is all about pushing deeper in subjects. Now to Sept. is the perfect time for YR1 students to focus on super curric. Oxford Uni have produced an excellent guide that will help https://t.co/3NelpoiUmD https://t.co/iQB0Se1PX1
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