Train to teach with Dixons

Why train to teach with Dixons?

Train in aspirational and successful schools which are innovating to improve the life chances of local children.

Our ITT programme draws on national and international developments in teacher training, providing a high quality experience.

Dixons teacher training programme offers you:

  • 100% school based training
  • Placements in successful schools with excellent learning and behavior
  • Case studies of success from across our 8 dynamic academies
  • Coaching that helps you to make faster progress than many other programmes
  • A tremendous level of support QTS, PCGE including masters credits
  • Potential employment with Dixons MAT, including our growing free schools in Bradford or Leeds

And opportunity to:

  • Be fully immersed in the life of a school all year
  • Work with students from the start of your course
  • Learn from highly experienced, successful teachers and mentors.
  • Be part of something special

We think that teaching is the best job in the world. Join us to make a difference

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Over the last couple of days I’ve been incredible touched by students that initially thought of going to a different Sixth Form - but after feeling unsettled deciding to enrol with us and as soon as they walk into the building saying they feel at home. #wearebradford
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