Business dining

Staff and students will have a conference style meal once a week. This will support them to develop strong relationships and explore important issues.

Business dining is one of three ways in which we eat together; these are

1. Casual dining – most lunchtimes students select their meals from our bistro and eat socially during their lunch break

2. Business dining – once a week students and staff sit down in a large gathering to eat a set meal together and spend time discussing issues together

3. Formal dining – this happens less frequently; it is a collective experience where staff and students eat conference style food and spend time together interacting in a formal manner. One example of formal dining is when we run our Medicine interview practice evening. Here students, staff and visiting medical experts dine together as part of the evening.

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9:48pm 13.06.2019


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9:20pm 10.06.2019


Minority A level subjects are a real challenge with the current funding squeeze and the return nationally to a three A level Sixth Form programme. Glad to say at Dixons Sixth Form we are committed to running A level music - whatever!
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Representing @DixonsAcademies at Number 10 today. Celebration of education and free schools. Proud to have been involved with @DixonsTA @DixonsMA and free schools and incredibly lucky to work with amazing young people and their families along with dedicated staff.
7:58pm 30.05.2019