Admissions process

At Dixons Sixth Form Academy, we understand that the process of applying can be a daunting one and appreciate, at times, students can be unaware what stage their application is at and what happens next. Therefore, we have made the application process as simple as possible and throughout the year there are many opportunities for you to stay in touch and ask questions about your courses.

Our admission process in seven steps

Step 1 - Investigate us and our courses

We run information events in the Autumn term and our website contains information on all our courses and many of our enrichment opportunities

Step 2 - Apply

Our applications form is accessible from our website and we expect applications to be completed by students’ themselves. We are still open for applications for any student wishing to follow and Arts, Humanities or Languages based A level programme.

Once you have successfully completed an application a confirmation message should appear on your screen, followed shortly by a confirmation email. If you need to make any changes to your application form this can be done by emailing (please do not try to submit more than one application)

Step 3 - Attend your application interview

After your application we will keep in touch by email newsletter and then we will invite you to come accompanied by a Parent/Carer to an application interview. These interviews take place between February and April and there is no need to be concerned if people you know are invited before you, all students have an equal chance of being offered a place.

Following your application interview, all being well, you will receive a provisional offer of a place.

Step 4 - Accept your provisional place

A provisional place is a place on your agreed courses. We do not operate waiting list as we believe it’s important for you to be able to plan with certainty where you will be studying after GCSEs. However we are significantly oversubscribed so we can only hold provisional places open for students that confirm their intention to study with us.

Step 5 - Login to your applicants’ portal

Once you have responded to your provisional place by confirming your intention to enrol you will be given access to your applicants’ portal. Once you login you can use this portal to check your subjects, receive information from us and also communicate any questions you may have.

Step 6 - Attend bridging and welcome events

We will invite you to bridging and welcome events in July to help make the transition from GCSE study to level 3 study.

Step 7 - Enrol

You will be given an appointment for enrolment following your GCSE results! It is important, wherever possible that students do not take holidays and are available to attend enrolment interviews on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th August.

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