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Single Applied Science Bridging Work 2020
Double Applied Science Bridging Work 2020
Triple Applied Science Bridging Work 2020
Art Bridging Work 2020Art Welcome Video 2020
Biology Bridging Work 2020Biology Welcome Video 2020
Business Bridging Work 2020Business Welcome Video 2020
Chemistry Bridging Work 2020Chemistry Welcome Video 2020
Classics Bridging Work 2020Classics Welcome Video 2020
Computer Science Bridging Work 2020
Drama And Theatre Studies Bridging Work 2020
Economics Bridging Work 2020Economics Welcome Video 2020
English Language Bridging Work 2020English Language Welcome Video 2020
English Literature Bridging Work 2020English Literature Welcome Video 2020
Finance Bridging Work 2020
Further Maths Bridging Work 2020Further Maths Welcome Video 2020
Geography Bridging Work 2020Geography Welcome Video 2020
Single Health And Social Care Bridging Work 2020Health and Social Care Welcome Video 2020
Double Health And Social Care Bridging Work 2020
Triple Health And Social Care Bridging Work 2020
History Bridging Work 2020History Welcome Video 2020
IT Bridging Work 2020IT Welcome Video 2020
Law Bridging Work 2020Law Welcome Video 2020
Maths Bridging Work 1 (Read First) 2020

Maths Enrolment Work 2020
Maths Welcome Video 2020
Music Bridging Work 2020
PE Bridging Work 2020PE Welcome Video 2020
Physics Bridging Work 2020Physics Welcome Video 2020
Politics Bridging Work 2020Politics Welcome Video 2020
Psychology Bridging Work 2020Psychology Welcome Video 2020
Applied Psychology Bridging Work 2020Applied Psychology Welcome Video 2020
Religious Studies Bridging Work 2020
Sociology Bridging Work 2020Sociology Welcome Video 2020
Spanish Bridging Work 2020

Spanish Top 80 Verbs

Spanish Language Learning Log
Spanish Welcome Video 2020
Sport Bridging Work 2020Sport Welcome Video 2020

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Latest Tweets


A message to our students that have just completed YR1.
12:40pm 11.07.2020


Our current YR1 students completed what we hope was their last day of remote learning today. Time for a well earned summer break for them. We’re looking forwards to meeting students from across Bradford to form our new YR1 at the end of August. #Bradford
9:43pm 10.07.2020


@DTA_Spanish @DixonsInstitute We loved having your input - and look forwards to more connecting with @DixonsInstitute as we make our big move to develop a research culture.
10:52pm 08.07.2020


Here’s the first 140s our virtual tour and welcome video for new students - full version available on dixonssixth social media platforms @DixonsAcademies
5:53pm 30.06.2020