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Dixons Sixth Form Academy

Our values

Integrity, Curiosity and Leadership.

At D6A we have three values that underpin the way we work together in and outside of the classroom. There values are at the core of what we do and we work together to live our values in our behaviours, communication and relationships.

This is what our values mean to us;

Integrity: The quality of being honest and holding oneself to strong moral principles.

As individuals we are honest, fair and kind. Individually and collectively, we acknowledge where we are in order to learn and grow. We communicate honestly with others because we value them, and this honesty builds strong, trusting relationships. We choose to do the right thing in order to uphold justice and fairness for all.

Curiosity: The desire and motivation to learn and work hard to help us to gain knowledge and understanding.

We believe everyone has a natural curiosity and we work tirelessly to encourage this approach to our academic learning and also when learning about ourselves and others in our college community. Our curiosity fuels our motivation and success and because of this we value feedback, because we recognise the insight of others can guide our further growth and development.

Leadership: Leadership is conduct; it is how we take responsibility and act with initiative in order to be an example for others to follow.

We seek to lead in order to serve all. We use our skills and talents to serve our wider community. We aim for excellence in all we do in order that our actions have the greatest positive effect. We seek to act with initiative, build independence and studentship and also encourage ingenuity.