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Dixons Sixth Form Academy

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Our values

Integrity, Curiosity and Respect.

At D6A we have three values that underpin the way we work together in and outside of the classroom. There values are at the core of what we do and we work together to live our values in our behaviours, communication and relationships.

This is what our values mean to us;

Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

As individuals we are honest and fair. Individually and collectively, we acknowledge where we are in order to learn and grow. We communicate honestly with others because we value people, and our honesty builds strong, trusting relationships. We choose to do the right thing in order to uphold justice and fairness.

Curiosity: The desire to learn, to explore and explain the world we live in.

We believe everyone has a natural curiosity and we work to encourage this in our approach to academic learning and also when learning about ourselves and others in and beyond our college community.

Respect: We forge a community of student, staff and wider stakeholders that demonstrates genuine respect for all.

We seek to move beyond tolerance as we build a community that understands difference. We value and celebrate each other and continually challenge ourselves and the views we hold and we grow closer together as one cohesive community.